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The main objectives of Gwasanaeth Ysgolion William Mathias Ltd is to promote and encourage the provision of musical activity in Gwynedd and Anglesey. This is achieved through our provision of instrumental and vocal music lessons to over 5000 pupils by nearly 65 experienced tutors, our musical instruments lending scheme (over 4,500 instruments), and the regional and county ensembles held - 13 in total. More


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Congratulations - ABRSM Exams

CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Rebecca Bateson's students on their success in their ABRSM exams recently:

CADI GLYN Ysgol Bethel Clarinet Gradd 1
CÊT HEULYN OWEN Ysgol Y Gelli Ffliwt Gradd 1
CADI LLEWELYN PUW Ysgol Y Gelli Ffliwt Gradd 1
CHLOE LOUISE WILLIAMS Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen FFliwt Gradd 2
ELA OWEN JONES Ysgol Brynrefail Ffliwt Gradd 3
ELEN ALICE WILLIAMS Ysgol Brynrefail Ffliwt Gradd 4
ESYLLT MON ROBERTS Ysgol Bryrefail Ffliwt Gradd 5
RACHEL MARIE FRANKLIN Ysgol Brynrefail Clarinet Gradd 7
NANW HAF LLWYD` Ysgol Brynrefail THEORY Gradd 3


Congratulations - Brass and Theory Exams

Congratulations to Mr Dylan Williams’ students who achieved in their Brass and Theory ABRSM exams in December

Ysgol Brynrefail
Alys Chisholm - Gradd 5 Trombôn
Telaid Jones - Gradd 4 Cornet
Osian Eifion Land - Gradd 5 Euphonium
Aron Roberts - Gradd 4 Cornet
Cian Williams - Gradd 3 Cornet
Dylan Williams - Gradd 3 Cornet
Anedd Hughes - Gradd 3 Cornet

Ysgol Llandwrog
Morgan Griffiths Jones - Gradd 1 Baritone
Gruffudd Larsen - Gradd 2 Baritone
Caio Paisley - Gradd 1 Cornet
Mali Roberts - Gradd 2 Eb Horn
Ceiri Tudur - Gradd 1 Cornet
Ena Williams - Gradd 1 Eb Horn
Owain Dafydd Jones - Gradd 2 Eb Horn

Ysgol Bontnewydd
Sion Dafydd - Gradd 2 Baritone
Elin Glyn Davies - Gradd 1 Eb Horn
Heledd Sion Jones - Gradd 1 Baritone
Lois Jones - Gradd 1 Baritone

Ysgol Brynaerau
Noah Evans - Gradd 1 Baritone
Yannick Evans - Gradd 1 Cornet

Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Noa Rhys - Gradd 3 Cornet
Gwion Rowlands - Gradd 5 Baritone
Meilir Rowlands - Gradd 3 Cornet

Ysgol Waunfawr
Ela Wyn Williams - Gradd 2 Cornet
Gwilym Williams - Gradd 2 Cornet
Now Jones - Gradd 1 Cornet

Aelodau Rhanbarth Caernarfon
Huw Evans - Gradd 3 Cornet
Ifan Larsen - Gradd 4 Eb Horn
Hawys Evans - Gradd 3 Theory
Nanw Evans - Gradd 3 Theory
Heledd Prys - Gradd 3 Theory
Lois Angharad White - Gradd 5 Theory
Ela Haf Williams - Gradd 5 Theory
Rhys Dafydd Jones - Gradd 1 Theory


Congratulations - National Youth Brass Band of Wales / Wind Band

Congratulations to the following musicians who have been successful at the National Youth Brass Band of Wales/ Wind Band All musicians are members and former members of the William Mathias School Music County groups.

National Youth Brass Band of Wales
Owain Llestyn Thomas Ysgol Brynrefail
Deio Llyr Davies-Hughes Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Ela Williams Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Ioan Ellis Hughes Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Glyn Porter Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
William Porter Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Cerys Hughes Ysgol Machynlleth
Erin Maloney Ysgol David Hughes
Huw Barwick Ysgol David Hughes

National Youth Woodwind Orchestra of Wales
Huw Williams Ysgol Brynrefail
Owain Llestyn Thomas Ysgol Brynrefail
Kezia Lovick Jones Ysgol Friars

Gethin Elis Ysgol Tryfan
Medi Morgan Ysgol Tryfan
Laurie Edwards Ysgol Friars


Congratulations - Woodwind Exams

Congratulations to Mr Richard Edwards’ students who achieved in their woodwind exams.

Tomas Bezkorowajnyj Ysgol Friars Clarinet Gradd 1
Meical Cook Ysgol Friars Saxophone Gradd 5
Charlotte Harding Ysgol Friars Clarinet Gradd 1
Maisy Jones Ysgol Friars Ffliwt Gradd 3
Jacob Knock Ysgol Friars Clarinet Gradd 5
Aaron White Ysgol Friars Clarinet Gradd 5
Elis Jones Ysgol Tryfan Saxophone Gradd 4
Erin Grace Jones Ysgol Tryfan Clarinet Gradd 3
Lucy Swann Ysgol Tryfan Ffliwt Gradd 4
Tara Stephen Ysgol Tryfan Ffliwt Gradd 4
Miriam Harmens Ysgol Tryfan Saxophone Gradd 7
Llio Mutembo Ysgol Y Garnedd Clarinet Gradd 1
Tesni Pari-Jones Ysgol Y Garnedd Ffliwt Gradd 2
Ishbel Holt Ysgol Cae Top
Calrinet Gradd 2
Sophie Savage Ysgol Y Faenol Ffliwt Gradd 1


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