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The main objectives of Gwasanaeth Ysgolion William Mathias Ltd is to promote and encourage the provision of musical activity in Gwynedd and Anglesey. This is achieved through our provision of instrumental and vocal music lessons to over 5000 pupils by nearly 65 experienced tutors, our musical instruments lending scheme (over 4,500 instruments), and the regional and county ensembles held - 13 in total. More


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Congratulations - ABRSM Exams

Congratulations to Mr Wynne Williams’ students who were successful in their ABRSM exam recently.

Ysgol Yr Eifl Trefor
Erin Davies Tenor Horn Gradd 1

Ysgol Llanbedrog
Gwenno Evans Cornet Gradd 1
Martha Grant Trwmped Gradd 1

Ysgol Uwchradd Botwnnog
Iona Meleri Jones Alto Sxaophone Gradd 3
Beca Williams Cornet Gradd 3
Mali Madrun Ffliwt Gradd 1
Non Brady Clarinet Gradd 1
Ellie Brady Clarinet Gradd 1


Congratulations - Brass Exams

Congratulations to Mrs Margaret Jones’ students who were successful in their ABRSM brass instrument exam recently.

Ysgol Felinheli
Ffion Haf Lewis Cornet Gradd 1
Gruffydd Williams Cornet Gradd 2
Ffion Bailey Horn Gradd 1
Mirain Non Williams Baritone Gradd 1
Cynan Prys Griffiths Trombôn Gradd 3

Ysgol Llanrug
Catrin Beech Cornet Gradd 3

Ysgol Dolbadarn
Jack Lawes Baritone Gradd 2

Ysgol Bethel
Ifan Aled Evans Cornet Gradd 1
Eban Moss Cornet Gradd 1
Iago Murphy Horn Gradd 1
Jac Shipton Baritone Gradd 1
Bryn Ifan Hughes Cornet Gradd 3
Iddon Griffiths Jones Cornet Gradd 3

Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Betsan Angell Roberts Theory Gradd 3

Cerddorfa Hyn Gwynedd a Môn
Osian Llyr Griffiths Trombôn Gradd 6


Congratulations - Brass Exams

Congratulations to Mr Dylan Williams’ students who were successful in their ABRSM brass instrument exam recently.

Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen
Owain Sion Roberts - Gradd 6 , Cornet
Sian Roberts - Gradd 4 , Horn
Tomos Garmon Williams - Gradd 3, Cornet
Iwan Ynyr - Gradd 4, Cornet
Awel Haf Evans - Gradd 4, Cornet
Iwan Llyr Evaans- Gradd 4, Cornet
Mari Gruffudd- Gradd 4 , Cornet
Catrin Jones Gradd 4, Horn
Llio Jones - Gradd 4 Baritone
Ela Morus Roberts- Gradd 6 , Cornet
Twm Isac Evans - Gradd 3, Cornet
Osian Glyn Williams- Gradd 3 , Cornet

Ysgol Brynrefail
Elen Ifans- Gradd 7 , Cornet
Gwion Roberts - Gradd 5, Baritone
Mabon Roberts - Gradd5, Horn
Tomos Williams- Gradd 3 , Horn

Ysgol Brynaerau
Arawn Dylan Morus - Gradd 2 , Cornet
Grisial Dwyfor Morus - Gradd 4 , Horn

Ysgol Bontnewydd
Gwion Edwards - Gradd 1 , Cornet
Delyth Porter- Gradd 3, Cornet

Ysgol Waunfawr
Deri Burns- Gradd 1 , Horn
Gruff Harris - Gradd 2 , Horn
Gruff Jones - Gradd 1, Cornet
Noa Gwilym Jones - Gradd 1, Baritone
Gruffydd Llwyd- Gradd 2 ,Tuba
Elain Tomlinson- Gradd 2, Tuba

Ysgol Llandwrog
Awel Medi Jones - Gradd 2 , Tuba
Llanw Jones - Gradd 2, Cornet
Elin Edwards- Gradd 2, Horn

Band Rhanbarth Caernarfon
Annabelle Pierce Jones - Gradd 3, Cornet
Erin Jones- Gradd 1 , Cornet

Aneirin Moseley - Gradd 6 , Trwmped

Congratulations to Mr John Glyn Jones’ students who were successful in their ABRSM brass instrument exam recently.

Ysgol Eifionydd
Bedwyr Puw Trwmped Gradd 1
Ffion Williams Tenor Horn Gradd 1
Lewis Fôn Evans Cornet Gradd 2
Huw Gwyn Baritone Gradd 3

Ysgol y Moelwyn
Elis W Jones Cornet Gradd 1
Hanna Evans Cornet Gradd 1
Elain Iorwerth Trombone Gradd 3
Sara LL Dafydd Cornet Gradd 4
Casha W Edwards Cornet Gradd 4
Sara W Hughes Cornet Gradd 5

Ysgol y Gorlan
Madison Jones Cornet Gradd 1

Ysgol Eifion Wyn
Elis Puw Cornet Gradd 1

Ysgol Manod
Tesni Evans Cornet Gradd 2

Ysgol Glan y Môr
Cai Gruffudd Cornet Gradd 1
Aron Davies Cornet Gradd 1

Ysgol y Berwyn
Math Thomas Cornet Gradd 1
Joseff Griffiths Trumpet Gradd 2


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